Spotlight reply to all the kind offers of help


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I just wanted to say how very much we appreciate the many offers of help we've received from forum members. It's been so heartwarming - we feel blessed to have such a group of like-minded, passionate Ibiza lovers as yourselves, both here in the forums and on social media.

As you can imagine, the last year has been very hard. We've downsized staff, given up the office, and have cut costs wherever possible, but we are surviving, and we will be here in 2022, I promise you that.

I've been thinking a great deal about these offers for help and honestly, the very best way you can help us is by doing the following:
  1. buy all your club tickets through spotlight :) - even though there is no confirmation that events will happen, all our tickets are 100% refundable, so you can buy them now and start dreaming about that first night on the dancefloor. Even if it doesn't happen as soon as we'd all like, you get an instant refund, and you can be sure that we're always reachable by email, socials or even phone (emergencies only please ;)) and respond very quickly - those of you who've bought tickets from us in the past, know this.
  2. make your restaurant, hotel and villa reservations through the site too. we have nearly 150 restaurants online and over 200 villas. we earn a small commission from the villa and hotel bookings, and each restaurant reservation is proof to our restaurant advertisers that spotlight works :)
  3. when you are here on the island and you are visiting/enjoying something which you found on the site - an activity, a restaurant, a bar, whatever... please let them know you found it in spotlight - this is the best sort of advertising we get. Many of you do this anyway (we know this because our clients tell us!) - and it is really appreciated.
  4. book your activity tickets through spotlight :) and start discovering other beautiful and fascinating aspects of the island. whether that be by boat or jetski, renting a car, taking a SUP trip or treating yourself to a massage :)
In the meantime, we are continuing to do what we always do
  • keeping the site up to date - beaches, restaurants, resorts, events, etc.
  • publishing all the official party announcements (all official dates go on the party calendar of course!)
  • making sure our social media channels are full of Ibiza - it's not just you who are dreaming, when we publish pictures of summer events, beaches and clubs - we are too!
If you'll please excuse my language, we can't f***ing wait for a return to normality!!!!

Thank you again for all your messages and offers, hope to see you here very, very soon!


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@james have you considered introducing a voluntary contribution fee on an annual basis for forum members? Not sure how many active users you have so I don’t know if there is any value in this.

And while we are on the theme, it may go against the free spirit of Ibiza, but have you considered introducing package deals incorporating club entry, drinks, meals, etc? It could even extend to hotels and flight if you can find the right airline partner. I know you do offer some packages but this looks to have potential to me. It depends how much capacity you have to diversify. Have you considered entering into the murky world of being a club night promoter yourselves? I know that may limit your impartiality, but I can’t imagine anyone knows the market like you do.
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Same! It's what made me first fall in love with the island in 2002.

I wasn't aware about the restaurant bookings so will start doing that as well.
No Clara! I remember being amazed that some regulars had no idea about the site's hotel and restaurant bookings, back in 2006. But you've been here forever!


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No Clara! I remember being amazed that some regulars had no idea about the site's hotel and restaurant bookings, back in 2006. But you've been here forever!

I knew about the hotels and clubs but yes, ashamed about the lack of restaurant knowledge. I shall rectify that asap!