Spotlight Now Uses Verified By Visa / Mastercard SecureCode

I tried buying tix using my VISA debit card but it's not going through. It keeps saying there's a problem, but I've used my card for VISA debit card purchases elsewhere online in the past and there's been no issues. I must have tried 4 times, but this site keeps saying there's a problem processing it. I get this message:

There was an error with your payment. The bank has returned the following Error Message.

We are very sorry there was an error with your payment details. Please try again.

Please correct your Credit Card details below:

If you are unsure why you have received this error, we recommend you check the following:
1) That you have entered the details correctly (cardnumber & expiry date)
2) That your credit card is valid for this type of operation (Switch & Amex cards are NOT valid).
3) That you have not exceeded your credit limit.
4) That your bank/credit card company is not imposing security restrictions of which you are unaware.

Is there a visa debit issue?

Lastly, the exchange rate from CDN to Euro is 1 CDN= 0.74 Euro today but the exchange on this website is showing as 1 CDN= 0.71 or so, so i'm just also wondering if this is correct. Thank you!
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hi nobbie,

the exchange rate is the one we get from the bank in real time at the moment of purchase, i don't know why it should show differently. i can see you actually purchased through paypal in the end successfully. the credit card processor returned the following error message to us:

"Payment Denied without explanation."

this normally means that your bank has refused this operation. many banks have security restrictions in place to prevent orders with a foreign company, if it's the first time you order from them. some bank workers don't even know this is happening (we have 15 years experience in this). in this case it would be best to follow up with the bank and explicitly request that spotlight be whitelisted or that these restrictions be lifted. however not necessary as i can see that you have bought the tickets anyway.

i'm really sorry about the inconvenience; international ecommerce is still not as easy as it should be!

Thanks for your help, I do appreciate your help. Yes I did purchase through paypal and I appreciate your service gesture. I will talk to my bank, I think they are preventing orders with foreign companies.
This was a huge inconvenience, and while I went ahead and purchased a couple of the cheaper tickets through paypal, I will prob shop elsewhere for all the others to save myself the paypal fees.
Is there any entrance time restriction on the tickets I have bought from Spotlight? Martin Solvin Pacha (17June), Cream Official (18 June),The Zoo Project (20 June)
What will I have to take to the club entrance with the ticket bought them on my credit card, going solo
solveig at pacha: 2am

else no time restrictions.

bring the printed ticket, and any form of photographic ID. not all clubs do check it, but these are the requirements so you have to bring those things.
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Hi guys

I bought four tickets for two nights at the weekend but haven’t received a confirmation email. Should this have been instead? Any idea when I should receive this? I’ve got the order number. Not sure who to contact or how so excuse the random post here. Cheers.