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Who else has spotted this legend and has a funny tale? I'm pretty sure I saw him either last year or the year before just appear out of the water at Bora Bora (no one saw him arrive or go in it's assumed he swam for miles, LOL) but this year so funny:

He was in Tonic @ Space on 27th June wearing his trademark spiderman outfit absolutly off his rocker. He was dancing like a madman on the center podium for about 5 hours. I really don't think he could tell where he was for most of the time and doing all sorts of lewd stuff like he was having an erotic dream and sleepwalking! Blocko and the resident were killing themselves behind the dj booth at his antics. At one point he started doing a striptease (which was like watching a roadcrash, you don't wanna see but you can't help but look, LOL) Anyway someone pulled the suit down the rest of the way, so he just caried on waying his parts about in the fresh air for 20 min's until the security guy came over and made him re-dress! (hehe but not before a group of girls sneaked up behind him and all swiped their credit cards in his ass crack, LOL)

So any other memorable sightings?..
Lol, I missed him this year but last year he was everywhere we were to the point where I am sure he was stalking me :p

We had just done Space/DC10 marathon, one of those nights when loads of random things happen and it was early hours of Tuesday morning and we were chilling in Ancient People trying to get our heads round the last 36 hours, my b/friend goes 'babe just when you think it can't get any more random, funking Spiderman has walked in'. He came into Ancient People on his own, danced on his own for about an hour, then left. The next day we were down sunbathing at Bora Bora really early, we look up, the same bloke is there, Spiderman outfit this time down to his waist and he is limbering up and then starts jogging up and down the beach with what I assume to be an imaginary ghetto blaster under his arm.............I thought I had a lot of energy but I don't know where he gets his from :eek: :p

We saw him at Pacha as well and then on another evening down at Bora Bora he was dancing on the table with Danny T and they played the Spiderman theme tune for him :p On our last day in Space at Ministry Carry On he was getting very friendly with that tranny you always see in Space and DC10 and he gave shim his backpack (the one he always carried on his back :p ) and the tranny did a runner with it, poor Spiderman was distraught :p

At the end of last summer Danny T wrote a report on his website about his summer and he mentioned Spiderman in it and he's actually a Professor from the University of Lisbon :eek: :p

Spiderman = a true Ibizan legend, up there with the likes of Derek Dahlarge and co :D
I think my daily sightings of Spiderman at Bora Bora were the Playa d'en Bossa equivalent of a San An sunset... Just a reminder that a new day wasn't that long away...

I couldn't help but wonder how completely appalling that suit must have felt/smelt/etc...

Unless anyone knows if he has more than one???
I was in Ibiza for the first time two weeks ago. I saw the "spiderman" at Bora Bora dancing on one of the tables. I have to admit, it is hard not to watch him.
I saw Spiderman dancing on the tables in Bora Bora most of the week I was there. We ended up copying his web-casting dance and amazing vibrating hands whenever we remembered his antics. :p
What a man, but I agree that Spidey suit must have been a bit on the smelly side, then again - you don't smell much out there ;)
Is he back?!!!

He made my summer last year-what a legend!

A complete nutter who never seemed to be out of his dodgy home-made spiderman costume, we even saw him going into the sea wearing it.

He stayed at Playa Den Bossa last September too and was a firm favourite at Bora Bora. On his last day, they played 'Spiderman' in his honour.
There's a piccie of him on the Space website, in the report for the Tonic/Salvacion party!! Not wearing the costume though, just chilling at the bar ... 8)

We enjoyed his antics every day at Bora Bora last year, absolute legend. Shooting webs at planes as they flew over!! He was always hanging around the beach during the day as well, wearing this long robe thing and carrying a dodgy ghetto blaster!!

My mate chatted to him a bit on our last day, said he was a really nice bloke. Though apparently he didn't make a lot of sense ... :lol:
Anyone know more about him? Does he work out there all season? Interesting 2 see he is a Professor from the University of Lisbon! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Lusha said:
He was in Tonic @ Space on 27th June - i was there and i saw him dancing around like mad

No kidding? I was there too, did you see it when he stripped of completely, ROFALMO :)

I think this is the best picture from Spiderman!!! ;D

Anyone saw this girl (boy) this year at bora bora????
===> Let me know if you have Pictures!