Spending $ in Ibiza



This may sound like an off the wall kind of question but how much $ should one take for 7-10days; this is difficult as everyone does spend their $ differently. I plan to shop & party hard and know that isn't cheap. Does anyone know what the average amount spent would be? Is 7 days alot of time there or is it wise to go for two full weeks? Thankx! :D
keyword here: bring as much as you possibly can! I always end up using my creditcards on the last 2 days despite having spent enormous amouns of cash already! have fun! ;)
Everyone I meet from America and Canada spend LOTS of money! And I mean LOTS!

Remember if ur on a budget it Will ALMOST DEFINATELY be cheaper for you to sort your accomodation when ur there. Flights will cost a fair bit. Package deals from those like Bring it On are pretty expensive (IMO).

If u need any help dont be afraid to ask. Remember that you can book hotels directly from this site as well ;)
Well I brought $1000 to spend and only ended up spending like $400 in a 7 day period. But I ended up getting hooked up everywhere I went, I didn't have to pay for drinks or to get in to clubs anywhere. The $400 went to the rental car and accomodations.

Just to be safe take lots o money.
Thankx everyone for ur insight; its greatly appreciated! Damn I wish I lived in the USA as flights r expensive from here but I will PAY it as I know it will be well WORTH IT! :D
Excluding airfare and hotel, I spent roughly $1100 USD on 6 nights of partying. However, I'm also a guy ordering tons of drinks and buying rounds for the ladies so go figure. They'll hit you at the clubs where entrance is between 35 -50 euros...you're spending 8 euros for a teeny bottle of water and 17 euros for a vodka redbull - Holy Cuh-rap! Everything else is fair priced. I would budget about $200 a day.
like beyond hotel and airplane tix... just extras this year i was up to about $3000usd in 12days.

then again i was stupid and paid full price at clubs and went to several in one night a few nights and took taxis everywhere. in other words dont do what i do. lol
As mentioned above, definitely budget $200/day. I budgeted that much and was still scrounging towards the end of the week (most of that was mismanagement due to getting too crazy @ Circoloco ;) ! Food, if you don't go big @ a nice restaurant, is cheap but clubs will suck it out of you! You want to go crazy anyway, so bring as much as possible....