Speed Queen, Leeds


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Went to Speed Queen last night in Leeds and it was brill.
The night is held at Stinkeys Peephouse which is a Gay Venue and the night is kind of a gay night although most people seemed to be straight, although they kind of looked gay if u know what i mean. It was 50% female so its not some kind of all male gay club.
The club is half indoors and half outdoors.
Inside it is on 3 floors and each room is pretty small but not overcrowded.
We spent most of our time outside, the outside bit is half under a tent and half open air with a grass lawn. It was like going to a House party.
there were 2 Double beds on the terrace as well that you can lie on.
The people were really friendly and met lots of new people. there were all sorts of wierd and wonderful people, Drag queens e.t.c it was like being in Ibiza, especially as it was hot yesterday.
The music was Funky House and there some brill tunes played, Mainly new stuff but a few classics in the last 2 hours.
It was open until 4 am and the bar was open till 4 am too.
I really don't know how these people have the license to have a late bar and an open air club, and i don't care as it was sooo good.
The drinks wern't cheap about £7.50 for a double vodka red bull and about £4.50 for a single with a shot, but water wasn't overpriced about £1.50.
Didn't encounter one idiot all night and danced and cxhatted to people all night except for a few trips to the loo ( they got a bit crowded and were mixed although they did have a seperate urinal area for guys ).
The place has a strict door policy so if your going then try and look Gay.
Luckily we were on the guest list, as we were a group of 4 girls, 3 of us are Gay but we don't look Gay and usually struggle to get into Gay clubs.
Gay clubs are stupid when it comes to Females , I mean how can you tell if a female looks Gay, They think all Gay females are short haired trouser wearers.
I took lots of photo's so i will try and put some up soon so you can see.
Can't wait to go again, highly reccomended
I went at Easter as my mates housemate DJs there. I'm straight, but thought the club was really friendly, people were chatty etc. Quality tunes all night, and a quality atmos!

Will defo go back again...it was ace!
stinky's is wicked!!
we've done a few wicked after parties there from 4am-whenever. but now speedqueen have moved there they won't let people do after parties :( :(

speedqueen is a good club night, not really my music but its a fun night out.
I’ve heard great things about Speed Queen.

Its definitely on my list of clubs to visit.

here is a pic from speed queen me and jodie are on the right. The girl on the left is my lodger and the other girl is jodies friend from london the rest are random people on the bed.
speed queen is quality

i come from london and had the privelege of visiting speed queen last summer when i went o stay with some mates i'd met on holiday. it was pretty difficult to get in, having to pretend to be gay and all but luckily my mate knew one of the trannies who was a regular there so we got in.
This was one of the best club nights i've ever been to because the atmosphere was class! Despite people's paranoia about gay clubs i found that speed queen was not all gay, mostly straight in fact. i believe that 90% of the crowd were straight and that the girls went there to avoid bein hassled by guys in other clubs!
I think this may have been a different venue to the new one because i've heard that speed queen shut down. Is this true?
Regardless of where its held i think the up for it crowd and great music will keep it more than alive! After all it was Mixmags number 1 club in the UK at the time!
speed queens the business if your travelling there just send an e mail to lucy locket on the speed queen website she'll put you on the paying guest list ( its for charity) so miss the queue havent been to a straight night in years apart from in ibiza and im not gay (despite the name) for some reason people seem to think its full of sweaty guys in spandex shorts but its not, youll find that its full of the hardcore clubbers because theres no trouble and the girls arent getting leared at or hassled by guys like even the supposed well known clubbers clubs
Keep meaning to get to SQ :rolleyes:

Suppose all of us guys have a feminine side, but gonna struggle to look 'gay' :confused:

Hmmmmm .......