spandau ballet




Mar 25, 2009

"True" that:
Spandau Ballet is reuniting for a world tour,
band members told reporters in London today.

The new-wave pioneers -- best known for hits “True” and “Gold,”
but probably more importantly for leading the New Romantic movement
in the early ‘80s with Duran Duran – will start in Dublin on Oct. 13
and make their way through England.
Further dates are expected, as well as possible new music.

One of the most underrated bands of the ‘80s, Spandau Ballet never really got credit
for the way it incorporated dance music and even hip-hop elements into new wave,
not to mention fashion (though considering the crazy kilts and pirate eye patches,
that might be a good idea).
Hopefully, this time around they may actually get their due.

Spandau Ballet broke up in 1989 and engaged in a nasty court battle
over royalties in 1999.

Singer Tony Hadley noted at the press conference that
"time is the great healer....
As you can see, we're back together again
and we're very happy boys."

Eight dates have been announced so far,
beginning at the ...

- O2 Dublin on Oct. 13.
- Belfast Odyssey Arena (Oct. 14),
- Sheffield Arena (Oct. 16),
- Glasgow SECC (Oct. 17),
- London O2 Arena (Oct. 20),
- Birmingham LG Arena (Oct. 24),
- Newcastle Metro Radio Arena (Oct. 26) and
- Manchester MEN Arena (Oct. 28 ).

A world tour is planned with further dates to be announced.

"This a greatest hits tour," said Hadley.
"It's the one we probably should have done many years ago."

They also claimed that their early '80s sound would not be out of place in 2009,
naming their favorite current acts as the Killers and MGMT.
"I think we'll slot in perfectly," said Keeble.

Tickets are available from from today
and a general sale begins March 28 ...
80s feelgood romantic pop gods or yuppie boy thatcherite overstylised wine bar w/ank - depending on your perspective...

either way, they were ubiquitous for a while and are still are in a way - cabbies of a certain vintage are still seen to pump their fists when gold comes on magic fm

in fairness, I think they were cruelly maligned at times - chant no1 was well balearic and the Kemps were anything but Tory, but lets not let the facts get in the way of a good guardian rant :D
If you haven't seen the Spandua film Soul Boys of the Western World, watch it. Brilliant.