Spanair flight makes unscheduled landing


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Fri, Sep 05, 2008

MADRID - SPANAIR, the airline involved in a crash last month that killed 154 people in Madrid, had a technical problem on Thursday with one of its planes that had to make an unscheduled landing, a spokesman said.

Flight JK4113 from Spain's Mediterranean holiday island of Ibiza to Lisbon with 163 passengers on board landed on the neighbouring island of Mallorca because of a still undetermined technical problem, he said.

The plane left Ibiza at 0715 GMT (3.15 pm) and was diverted to Mallorca less than an hour later. The passengers were then put on another plane to continue their journey to the Portuguese capital.

Passengers told reporters in Lisbon that the Spanair plane took off from Ibiza on its third takeoff attempt.

'The only thing they noticed was that the plane must have had problems because during the takeoff it shook a great deal,' the father of one of the passengers, Mr Rui Serta, told Portuguese state television RTP.

It looks like they want to get rid of low cost tourists.
i flew spanair on that day to portugal aswell

everybody was shaking their legs, and holding hands with partner ,p
we flew spanair 2 days after the madrid crash and i was sh**ing myself. it was an ok flight both ways in the end but they seem to be having lots of issues so i dont think i would use them again.
Ugh... Aeroflot just had one of their Boeings crash on the way from Moscow to Perm.

And we're flying Aeroflot on Moscow-London on our way to Ibiza next weekend. Slightly worried now :confused: