Space tickets - admission before 10pm only!???!!?

On the official Space website the tickets for the 6th Sept offer admission before 10pm only.
This website doesn't mention it, does that mean it doesn't apply? Does anyone know?
I'm arriving in Ibiza on the 6th at 9.45pm and defo won't get there before 10pm, but we HAVE to go! It'll be my birthday!

Can anyone help me out with alternative and hopefully positive info?

Answering my own question

I actually found the answer to my own question if anyone ever needs it!
Between emailing Space and spotlight, Space sell tickets guaranteed for admission before 10pm only whereas spotlights tickets, admission is anytime before 5am!

The tickets are the same price.

Space official website confirmed all of the above.

So there you go peeps, better to buy from spotlight!