Space Sessions?


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In Ibiza Friday 5th June to Monday 8th, prob staying in Bossa, looking at the calender this weekend falls in the middle of the two main opening parties at Space, is this weekend likly to be quite in Space becuase of this? Just trying to get the best out of the weekend.

Any help apprecited, ta
before they removed it the Space website had a space session listed
i would be amazed if they were closed

usually these parties are the Space residents with the occassional guest thrown in

Behrouz & Mauro Picotto have done them in recent years
I was looking at what parties are on offer and having never been to Space before and wanting to experience the place,was looking at what seems to be very good value "Space Sessions" on a Friday. Has anyone been to these events and if so how did you rate them? , or would I be better paying the extra money and trying out Sunday's "We Love Space" instead?

I think We Love and Carl Cox are your best bets for Space.

We Love isn't quite the event it was, with the afternoon boogy on the terrace no longer, but it's still a massive night with a lot of DJs and the only weekly event with all of the club's 6 rooms open.
Space is the best, as mentioned above, at Carl Cox and We Love Space. Both parties uses the full club as Carl Cox has grown over the years. Both superb parties in the own and really captures the essence of big room clubbing and is Ibiza at it's best.

A more quite night will be BE with Guy Gerber and Wally Lopez. Won't be busy but will most likely be free or very cheap and those nights are also very nice to have in Space. I think I'll drop by Space 3 or even 4 times the 8 days I'm gonna be at the island. :twisted:
interested in any comments anyone has on your original question ‘Space Sessions, any good and does anyone rate them?’, as unfortunately due to some bad planning (not on my part) I don’t have the choice:cry: I’m there with a few mates for a weekend in-between the main opening and We Love Opening and really wanted to go to Space, especially as we are staying in PDB. That weekend there is a Space Session on on the Saturday and one on the Sunday, probably off to Defected opening on the Saturday (although no 100% yet) but was interested in Space on the Sunday. Fully aware that all the club will not be open and this will not be anywhere near on a par with the main parties but interested, as with the original post, if it would be worth a visit to one of the Space Sessions?

I see last year (and I think the year before) there was an ‘Ibiza Dance’ party on on the Sunday in-between the two main openings, ie the weekend I’m there this year. Not seen anything for this year though, anyone know anything on this happening or not this year?
If i was you i would go and check it out... even if its no big party...
dont buy tickets tho, im sure there will be people handing free entrys out...
just dont expect it to be packed out tho... just have fun!!!
ps... defected opening will be fab!!!!!!!!!!! :D