Space queues??

Phat Kev

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We will be arriving around 4pm on Sunday the 8th Sept & were thinking of going straight to Space. I"ve been hearing some real horror stories about the queues on Sundays. Can anyone please advise? Also, is there any way of finding out who"s playing there at what time, & wether or not they are on the terrace or inside. :twisted:
We got there at 4pm last sunday and walked straight in. The club listings section on this site will give an indication of who's playing, but not where or at what time. What you could do is get a cab to bora-bora. You will probably be able to pick up a flyer for reduced admission (Only 5 Euros less) which will show who is playing where and in what order, and then walk across to space - it's only about 300 metres away.

Enjoy, you lucky blighter.
is there any way of finding out who's playing there at what time, & whether or not they are on the terrace or inside.

Go to You can find the listings for your event here, but the times are a mystery. You could try emailing them, but don't expect a reply.

As a guide, you should find that the bigger names towards the top of the list are on last, as with any concert-type event. I'd allow about 2 hours for each DJ, unless stated, although some of them may be on for an hour and a half-ish. Also, earlier on, you may find that the residents are playing for quite a bit longer. Obviously the terrace shuts at midnight, so that's when the last DJ on there will finish.

Good luck deciphering it all!
We also walked right in when we went to Space on Sunday!!!! I think b/c so many people come at different times the line is not too bad!!! I guess it depends on the Sunday, it's probably different each week!!!!
Hopefully it will be okay when u get there.....Have so much fun!!!