Space=Prog. Hous/Techno???



It's the first time that I go to Ibiza. Cos of that I have some questions.
At Sundays, do they play prog. Hous or^more Techno?
Is Carl Cox playing there during 26th July-6th august? I have to see him live...his live tracks are so good(Tokyo, Hawai, Toronto), so I defenitly have to see him.
Where else would you go for a perfect party time? Thanx for your answers!!!
Maybe see us there

Thanx Robo
Well the I know where to go on Tuesdays :D

Is the Sound on Sunday quit the same there?
depends on the djs for the We Love Sundays sessions but you can expect to hear more of a house/tribal sound on the terrace and a prog/techno sound inside.