Space & PDB 2010


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Hi, just booked up for the 1st week in August staying in Fiesta Club Playa D'en Bossa. What's the deal with Space nowadays not been over for few years, what time does it open etc what days is it open? Do all the bars/beach bars in PDB close early, want to know what sort of partying will be happening post club!!

check club site for better info on space nights.but i know there is a different theme night on most nights.your not back home you know bars in pdb don;t shut till 4am or even 6am.lots of music bars plus the beach and old like bora bora.two news ones opened last year.

not sure if 2010 dates are out yet but near enough the same dates.unless a night as been pulled out

you don;t get pre partys as such like you would in san an.but pdb still kicks a good punch.