Space Opening


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Who's going?

Just realised it is 3 weeks this saturday and I will visiting the fine island of Ibiza once again :D :)

Be nice to put some faces to names. Think it has been discussed before - but am I right in thinking bora bora @ 1pm for meet-ups?
Bora Bora open 31th may?

Is Bora Bora open Saturday 31th may?
If yes see you there for Warm Up for Space Opening!
Ciao :) :)
Faces to names...

Hi I am out for Space opening too!

See you all at Bora Bora at 1pm. Meet you by the DJ booth if it is busy...

Soooooo cannot wait now.
Ok 1pm by the booth everyone?

I so cannot wait. Exactly 3 weeks from now the messyness at dc10 will be unfolding..... :D :rolleyes: