space opening so what was it like?



for all those who are on the white isle how large was this one. it is probably still going as i am typing this? 8)
I think everyone who was at Space will be in DC10 now, we'll probably get report on Wednesday lol :p
my syster and my cousin called me today from dc10 and told they were having the time of their lives and im stcuk here at my office
Two friends of mine were this weekend for the opening party. Needless to say they had an incredible time. 8)
Absolutely fargin'tastically awesome!!!

I spent most of the day on the terrace, with a couple of 'dips' inside and also to the car-park area. All DJs were spectacular, but a special gold-star should go to Tania Vulkano and Smokin' Jo.. 2 brilliant sets played in the true spirit of the terrace - uplifting happy house, with loads of hands-in-the-air 'Jesus' moments, plus some old-school underground classics in there as well. I almost broke down in tears when Tania dropped this incredible 'Underworld - Two Months Off' mix and even the bar staff were jumping around with their hands in the air. Mr Cox was stunning as ever, Dullweed wasn't too bad for once - a bit funkier than his normal sets, although I didn't catch much of his inside "darkroom" set later, so maybe normal service was resumed in there. And the jury's still out on the new S@S resident Steve Lawler - not bad, just not *quite* there in terms of being able to really get a terrace crowd going - or maybe it was that 2 days without sleep was just starting to catch-up with me...

But someone should give Mr Ulysses a few lessons on basic mixing technique - every other mix he f**ked-up badly... Could have been he was still sleeping since he looked like he'd just got out of bed in his red satin pyjamas.

And love the new car-park extension on the back (I missed last years closing party). It means that the normal terrace doesn't get too packed and you can still shake your stuff without taking someone's eye out.

And then onto DC10, but that's another story....

God is a DJ!

I agree
Smokin Jo was brilliant, but what are you thinking about Tom Novy? I coundn't hear him, I was on the outdoor area at that time.
Brilliant idea the outdoor area, so we had enough place for dancing in the terrace.
Did you hear Carl Cox inside at 3 a.m.?
Amazing, somebody wrote that last year he wasn't special. I don't know I wasn't there last year but monday morning was like God would be on the turntable desks at Space inside. God is a DJ!
I usually don't like to hard, boring progressive stuff (uplifting house forever !!) But I've never heard such music like the one Cox played (never seen him before). He was chaging record every 2 -3 min.!
oh my god , the space opening was one of the bests experiences
of my life ! i arrived there at 21:30 , cox + digweed djing in the
parking , the people was really enjoying it !!
then we moved to the terrace , steve lawler was boring , but then
digweed inside was very very great ! i like his style djing very much .
the people was so happy with it , that sometimes all the crowd was
screaming of joy without a reason aparently !!
then carl cox , the best set of carl cox i ever heard !

but dc10 was the best party ever !! there was such a good vibe !
carl cox was dancing 2 meters from us , like another clubber more ,
with a hawaiian shirt and big sunglasses !! tania vulkano rocked ,
his style is very personal too , very sweet music ...
many people dressed freaky , and many freaky behaviour ! tania was
playing with a clown doll up there , hehe

bye bye , see you there next monday !