Space opening Party



I will be in Ibiza for the Space opening party, and have never been before, so I have NO IDEA what to expect. What will it be like? Please share details, I'm really excited, but I wish I had planned the trip for later in the season!
lara, i am sure a thousand people will answer, but take it from us all that it is great fun!!!!
there will be many many people
and when i say many i mean TOO MANY
at the benining with the residents it will be ok, a little difficult to go to the bathroom or hit a bar, but when carl cox begins the session....

you wont be able to dance or move or walk, and it will be hot.. very very very HOT
HOt like h-e-l-l
everybody sweaping, and the music TOO loud, and everybody stepping you.

but there will be a good vibe :)

oh, and this is the same all the sundays of the summer,
the closing party is twice of all that :)

enjoy carl cox!