Space opening party 2003


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Well how was it? Judging by the phone call from one of my mates who was over there it was electric. Can anyone else post a lengthy review?
I am SOOOOOO gutted that we just missed it. Flew home on the saturday night :x Still, we definately goin back within the next few months so we can go then i guess.
yeah it was blinding fun!!

they had the back terrace outside again (same as last year's closing party), leaving loads of room to chill and dance. special guests outside for the 6 pm slot were digweed and carl cox back to back :!:

afterwards we went in to catch digweed and later carl cox who absolutely ROCKED the place until close. proper review will be up in the club news asap. here are some pics of the back terrace, the normal terrace and carl cox creating dancefloor mayhem (he really rocked it!!!)



wow it looks pretty damn busy
James do they have the back terrace open for the we luv opening party.
wow nice one James, long fantastic
blue skies in the back there, lots of fantastic looking up for it stunning mad lovely people

get me out there NOW
i don't think they will have the back terrace open during the summer - probably only for the closing party.

it was really busy - especially on the normal terrace - always 'in the way' ;-)

but the queues were really acceptable. they are getting very professional on the door.

prices for vodka lemon 10 euros. beer 8 euros, water 6 euros. i didn't try any of the tap water (check out back issues of our news page to read about that)

very hot inside later on - everyone piled in from the terrace and everyone was going for it - lots of frenzied dancing ;-)
james ! you catched my boyfriend in the last pic ! hahaah

the water in the taps were drinkable i think , it tasted better
than in my house ( es viver ) and better than dc10

bye bye