Space opening full line up!!


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Hi To All!!!

Finally after a long waiting official SPACE opening line up, copied from their homepage:

DJ Residentes

Reche, Jose de Divina (Stomp Recordings)
Jonathan Ulysses, Oscar Colorado
Tania Vulcano, Sin Plomo, David Moreno
VooDoo & Serano, Juan Gomez
Jaime Fiorito,DJ Oliver

DJ Invitados

Carl Cox, John Digweed,
Tom Novy, Villeneuve
DJ Shade
Steve Navarro
Audio Drive
DJ Pepo Lanzoni
DJ J Luis (Matinée)

:D :D :D

Very nice and see you all there!!!!!
is Voodoo & Serano a regular act in Ibiza

Haven't seen them live curious as to what to expect from these two
what sort of stuff do the residents play at space?

Generally house music. Most of the residents are quite good although Jonathan Ulysses has a tendancy to play the obvious records in my opinion.
Not bad but missing Danny T.

I'm waiting june 1st since september last year, I hope the opening party will be as good as the closing was!
The line up is good but I miss Mr.Tenaglia in my opinion the best jock of the world!
I saw the space resident jocks around in different clubs during the space world tour and mhhhh.. they are OK, but nothing compare to the top turntables rockers!
I think the best DJ june 1st will be Steve Lawler in the terrace. Cox and Digweed are also top but for my taste a little bit too progressive, especially Digweed.
So see you there happy people!