Space Opening 2009 - who's there??

space opening.

Count me in i'll be there, looking forward to deadmau5 in the flight area and sasha and digweed in the discoteca.
We shall be there ; We are five .. We arrive at ibiza at 4:30 pm: direction "bora bora" then space at 10:30 pm.... Return in France Monday at 10:30 pm :spank: after the opening of the space and of dc10 I hope :D
little_minx you dont want to get to space at 1030pm, you will be queing for 2 hours to get in at that time, it will be ridiculus, rammed, try and get there earlier mate, around 6ish,7ish
i cant wait!!! il be there..

does anyone know if there is a pass out with standard tickets atall?