space july 13th line up.


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Laidback Luke has been confirmed to play at ‘We Love Sundays’ at Space on July 13th. Luke is the first Dutch DJ to play at the renown Sunday sessions in Ibiza. Also scheduled to spin that day are John Aquaviva, Ralph Lawson, Lottie, Paul Woolford, Yousef and Steve Lawler
that is good news - i would much prefer to hear jackin' house/techno than prog Inside after the Terrace closes.
Robder said:
Robo, how on earth do you find all this stuff out?

i just look through sites that interest me (easy people) and things that i find interesting i just put on here.
I've ALWAYS found the music inside space after midninght a dull soulless dirge. Pete Tong played the worst set ive ever heard in there. Sacha was soul desroyingly dire. Laylo and Bushwacka clickerty clacked their way to sleep.
All this Prog goes nowhere. With no respite to the terrace, I feel locked in in there anyway.

During the day, space inside is a bit of a favourite of mine. Ilicit darkness during sunlight hours with freaky squelchy tough music is wot i like.

Let's hope that We Love can get the last six hours right this year as I don't think they have so far
why not the darkness ? i feel like im the
only one who likes darkness when just
enter to space comming from a car drive
from another club ...
is it strange to like that darkness and the
deep sounds and the air conditioned
versus the sun , the happy house and the
hot of the terrace ?
what I still haven't found out after 5 years vin the music bizz is..

Progress to f***ing what exactly??

I think you've hit the nail on the head with that comment.

It's always confused me that it is called proggressive when the whole dissapointment of the genre is that a good tune might be in there but it doesn't really go anywhere - I wanna huge build up then a bass dropout that will turn your legs to jelly, euhporic break and rebuild (ideally with a kicking acid line over the top)- classic trance formula - not something just ticking over.