Space Info please


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I'm off to Ibiza on 12 Sep for two weeks!! Fan-bloody-tastic, I'm counting the days. :D

Been the past two years but only for a week and never got chance to do Space. Really want to get the the closing party if poss. What are the actual start/finish times, what's the best time to go and what's the deal with pass outs and does the entry price vary?

One other thing, at 43 I'm an old timer (what I lack in youth I make up for with stamina :twisted: ) - any problems getting in with tickets?

Sos about all the questions, but any info/advice mucho appreciated. :?:

Space opens from 8am till 6am the next morning, but i'm sure the music doesn't start till 10am (correct me if i'm wrong).

The earlier you go, the cheaper it is, and you can leave the club and get back in.
I would suggest getting there to see the Terrace while it's bathed in bright sunshine, possibly about 3/4pm, although it'll be packed all day !

I can't imagine that your age will present a problem, in fact I would be deeply offended if it did - it shouldn't matter what age you are or where you come from, just the desire for a good party !

Have a good one !
good advice stu,

your age will be no prob whatsoever spaceslug ;-) remember though that drinks are expensive, so if you get there before 10 am (cheapest of all - there is music inside from 8 am, just not on the terrace), be prepared to remortgage the house and sell the kids just to keep you in beer and water all day ;-)

Just got back from the White Isle yesterday. Didn't make it to We Love Sundays as our inbound flight was delayed (absolutely gutted cos all my mates were there).

Try going to Bora Bora before Space(1-2pm) as loads of people head there before We Love. Get to Space about 3-4pm when the terrace will be kicking. Terrace shuts about midnight, and its all indoors till the 6am finish.

If you fancy doing one more visit to Space, try the La Troya Asesina after-party on Thursday morning :D , I was there last Thursday and it was great. (I;m 39, mates were 40, 41, etc so no problem with the age, we definitely were;nt the oldest there).

Terrace starts at 10am always. We paid 15euros to get into the La Troya after-party, as we got wrist-bands at the main La Troya at Amnesia the night before. Otherwise it was about 35 to get!

Heard the Saturday morning Matinee at Space was half empty, so give that a miss, but I have done the Tuesday morning Manumission after-party and thats usually mental. (midgets on bmx bikes on the terrace, and people fighting with Star Wars light sabres, last time I was there).