SPACE FINAL CLOSING - [b]MORILLO [/b]better than ever


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I just came back from ibiza (5 times there) and had the chance to enjoy Space closing and especially Erick Morillo set.

I have seen 5 times Erick but on Sunday he was in such a mood and his set was phenomenal. A mix of deep/tribal house with classic vocal house music, the terraza was rocking like I have never seen. He was always doing something bringing some acapellas, samples... He used at least 2 sample machines all along his mixes and for instance remixed live in front of David Guetta the Wally Lopez remix of 'a little more love'. DJs were packing near the booth to see the master at work. Wow! 4hours of pure pleasure. Terrasse closed at 1h30!
There is no house DJ which compared to Erick, maybe his experience as a sound engineer gave him such skills with his material.
Also he was so emotinal while mixing, so into it, really in communion with the music and the crowd. I wished it never ended.

Ibiza closing are great and Space closing the best by far.
By the way, I also loved Tom Novy and Steve Lawler.

Vivement next year!