Space/dc10 openings/pacha on 03.06.


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Just got back from Ibiza yesterday and what a fcukin party it was!!!!!! Space opening was definitely the best party I have ever been too (and I have been to space a number of times before but this was just something else).

Here's my review:

Sat - The Easyjet flight was actually on time (with Smokin Jo also on board) which was a nice start. After landing we got a taxi straight to playa den bossa, dropped our stuff off and it was straight down to Bora Bora (where else?) for some drinks. The place was not overly busy but there was a nice crowd around dancing and drinking and generally preparing for space. After bora bora it was home for a quick shower before a taxi into town for base bar. Got to base bar around 1am and the first thing we see is the big man on the decks. Yes Carl Cox spinning for 3 hours in base bar! More drinks and a fun evening to match followed. With space on our mind I was in bed by a very respectable 4.30am albeit quite drunk.

Sun - Awake at 10am! I felt like a 10 year at xmas, the day had finally arrived and it certainly did not disappoint. Chilled for a while. Started to get ready around 12. Champagne and am........... for breakfast! Well you know it’s a special occasion so it was a nice way to start the day. We got to space around 13:30 just as the lovely Tania Vulkano was beginning her set. What a set it was! Nice funky, chunky, tribal, deep house music but always with the funk. I think that she finished with the bucketheads? An old tune but a very inspired and original choice ;) . This was one of those 'moments' for me and I had only been there for 2 hours. Next up was Smokin Jo, not a bad set, pretty run of the mill house music to be honest (I am sure the needles fcuking up half way through the set did not help proceedings). But when the atmosphere is this good :D (and I really mean it - beautiful people everywhere going crazy), we could live with an average set. Next up was Jonathan Ulysses who tore the s*hit out of the terrace for 2 hours from 17:30. Could this atmosphere really get any better? He dropped stuff like Lee Cabara, which we all went suitably crazy too. Respect. Tom Novy was up next, by far and away the worst set of the day, he was dropping U2 remixes and his set had no structure to it. Time to nip out to bora bora (which was actually dead - everyone was having too much fun on the terrace) for a drink or two then back to space within 45 mins after our breather. Went to the outside arena to check Digweed and Cox playing back-to-back which was actually very interesting, the peak been Coxy dropping a remix of Funk-phenomenon by Armand Van Helden. It was now 21.30 (where had all the time gone?) which meant one thing only....back to the unbeatable atmosphere of the terrace for Steve Lawler. This is the best I have ever seen him, 3.5 hrs (yep it went on until 1am) of dirty/funky/tribal/techno funk. So many peaks throughout his set although my memory is still a blur. I recall him playing Gus gus - David towards the end and the final record he played on the terrace? A remix of Joe Smooth - Promised Land. Brother, sister......this was yet another of those Ibiza 'moments' from a truly memorable day that I shall not forget for a very very long time :D :D :D . What a way to close the terrace! A truly amazing and special day.
Afterwards it was inside to check out Digweed which I found kind of hard to get into after 11 hours of house music in the glorious sunshine. Stayed for a while then went to Ancient People to drink and talk about the day’s events with friends old and new and in particular a very beautiful Austrian girl. Tucked up in bed by 5am with sleep proving difficult :eek:

Mon - Another day and another party to attend. After a shower and 'breakfast' I felt ready for another party. We got down to dc10 eventually just before 12. This was a crazy party that ended up going on until just before 21.30. Tania delivered another top set albeit on a slightly deeper tip. Jo Mills came up with the goods with 2 hours of tribal sounds. One note about Jo Mills though - did anybody see how fcuked she was? I saw her by the bar around 19.00ish and her jaw seemed out of control. Its all good fun anyway ;) . Rocky and Clive Henry delivered the set of circo loco. Funky ass tunes of the highest order from 18:30 for over 1.5 hrs. In the middle of the pounding beats they dropped Bryon Stingley - Mighty Reel (I think this is the name of the track?) which was greeted with the sort of enthusiasm that only the circo loco crowd knows . Can't really remember much of what happened afterwards to be honest, things were getting slightly blurry now. The atmosphere at dc10 was as amazing and flamboyant as it always is, it was good to see 'veterans' like carl cox, terry farley, rocky getting down to the grooves in the sunshine as well. Remember leaving when everyone got kicked out just before 21.30, then everyone stumbled over to Bora Bora for another 2.5 hrs of messiness before midnight struck. Then over to Ancient People for a mammoth drinking session before waking up about 4pm Tuesday afternoon.

Tues - Felt like s*it but knew the pain was worth it for all the fun that was had! We dragged ourselves down to the sunset strip to watch the sunset naturally, then it was back to pack (always best to do these things sober rather than first thing in the morning!). It was out on the town again to rock bar for a few beers before heading to 'Whats Up?' @ pacha with Tania Vulcano (this girl is very cute) and Mr C. Not overly busy but a cool night nonetheless. Got home about 7am, rushed to the airport to find that the flight had been delayed. Pretty gutted! Eventually got home about 17:00 and felt like s*it as I was working today :cry: .

I cannot wait to get back, around about the 12th July is the most likely time as the line-up at space looks pretty damn good (don't they all though?). See you on the terrace soon ;) .

God I have been bored at work today, think it kind of shoes in this post. God this time 72 hours ago......
Thanks for the great review mate, that sounds bloody amazing :D :eek:

Bucketheads and Promised land are all good!!! We heard MAW play them both last sat, quality classics :D
Cheers everyone, I expect a review in turn from each of you ;)

I need something to keep me entertained over the next 6 weeks until I get back to Ibiza. This 'summer' weather here in the UK is not fun......

Looks like its back to moody people in London clubs this wkend. How hard is it to smile? Yes the people in Ibiza are very good looking but do they act prentenious? No chance. Do people in London? I think so.

Cannot wait until I am fluent in Spanish
loved the review......... i can´t wait to go back....... just a month before i finish the exams and can party, party party!!!!!.... eventhough here in madrid is not bad a all. Roger sanchez, digweed, and a morillo residencie in two weeks, without forgeting all the spanish dj´s who keep us entertained the whole year. soooooooooo.................i´ll have a blast while waiting my turn to go to Ibiza. take care guys
hey bukes,

you never said what happened with the austrian girl

Talked, flirted and got on really well but sadly she never came back to my place. I am always way too nice on drugs, if it was just alcohol things would have been different.....

Beautiful girl though :D
Fcuk just re-read this!!!

I am longing for the season to kick off again. Always feels a lot closer after Miami is over

I can feel its getting closer........... :D