space closing



its impossible to describe it with words.
the best party in my life, really.
god, thanks space!!

always happy people!!
Hola Rikie...
Please take the time to share these magical moments with us !
Let us feel it and dream it and (why not) cry over it...
Hasta 2003 !
By the sounds of the review on the news page it sounds as i this was the party of the summer .... Sven Vath at space just sounds
like the ultimate clubbing experience ....

although ill always pay money to see him swing those arms from the baseline booth in amnesia .......
thanx to James this time for his review of the closing party at space .... also curious to here more about this second terrace at space ....can anyone fill us in with some more info .....
well... ill try to make a review, but im a little shy because my english is not very good :oops:

i was there at 17:00, and went fast to the terrace in the back to see how it looked like.
it was a big structure made with metal, with lights and such (that were off because it was day).
in the back of that structure there were little tents with sofas and chairs and little bars, very cosy!
we were dancing in that new terrace but the sun was so hot... its a real pitty because i meet a friend and he told me that oliver, the resident of amnesia just finished his set when i came, and with him was roger sanchez for surprise!!! *shit*
i dont know who was the one playing there but he was very good.
then, we moved inside, which was decored very very nicely with white sheets in the roofs and in the dj cabin, with dark lights and such.
in the terrace was playing erik morillo, but SO MANY people there... i like your music, but im sorry erik, i need space to dance.
so again in the back terrace, carl cox appeared. i didnt know he was going to play there so it was a big surprise, and the best moment of my life, because, see, it was carl cox spinning 3 meters in front of me, i had all the space of the world to dance, and he was nto playing that crap noisy hard techno, it was very good house.
and i was with the people i love, so i was in ecstasy :lol:
then we moved inside, there was timo maas, very good in the beginning, so much hard later...
then, again in the back terrace, wich i like so much, it should be installed all the sundays!! so much space to move...
i dont know who was playing there ... maybe steve lawler? but it was very sourprising that they didnt close at 00:00.. neither at 00:30... they closed at 01:50 !!!!!!!
then began the only horrible thing of the night.
a stupid mind (a space worker, wich i '''love''' so much because their '''lovely actitude''' with the space people...) decided to mantain only one door open between the inside floor and the two terraces with both terraces when the terraces clsoed.
so.. can you imagine 15.000 people trying to go through the same corridor from inside to outside and from outside to inside?
it was imposible to move, imposible to breathe, i had so many people arround that i had no place to put my feet in the floor! i was sure that was going to end in a cathastrophe...
but security stoped people, screams, blah blah, and then we got inside, were was playing sven vath....
and im sorry but i cant with sven vath, he was playing those irritating noises that make my ears beep...
so we went home.
and that was my space closing party, the best party of my life, i swear.

congratulations if you had the pacience to read everything :p

here are the pics of the new parking terrace ;)



Wow! Me likey.

Do you know what's happening with the terraces for next season?
thanks, james, what a memories, *sigh*
and btw, you can find many more pictures in the web of space.
there are pics of oliver with roger sanchez, im sure that was just before i got into space :(
technoboy said:
thanks, james, what a memories, *sigh*
and btw, you can find many more pictures in the web of space.
there are pics of oliver with roger sanchez, im sure that was just before i got into space :(

Why do you call yourself technoboy if you don't like techno?
i have a love-hate relationship with techno.
i dont like the hard techno played by svn väth, but some parts of the seasons of carl cox ae amazing.
i dont like hard music, i like deep and dark techno.
'la comunidad' had an incredible music for me, i couldnt believe i found a party with the music i like 100%.
but see:
i like house too, and the people with whom i go out (my boyfriend), dont like techno, they are housey... so.. i enjoy it too :)
...terrace next year...

probably nothing, as i fear it would be VERY difficult to get planning permission to permanently extend the terrace like they did at the closing.

so unfort. it will probably continue to be We Love Sardines @ Space ;)

hi does anyone know where there are pictures of the spaceclosing party with sven and cox?????????

i was there and iwould love to c pics , as the bastards at the front door conferscated my camera till the end of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and im sure that many people here have pics of that night, why dont you post here? i want to remember that day again!
Yeah, does anyone know where there are more pics of this party? I would love to see while I wait for next summer. :p