Space Closing - THE review!

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...what i can remember at least!

Ok - you guys want to know what it was like.....well Space Closing 2003 here we go:

Sam and I got there after a leisurely weekend at about 11.00ish in the morning and to be honest, with the addition of the huge area that was the DJ Mag Arena (which is basically the entire car park area behind and to the left of the club) - it wasn't as rammed as it used to be at the same time in the morning on previous visits. This made it nice to gradually get into things on the terrace which was at about the perfect to chill - dance with room and wander about freely which at that time in the morning was great.

Sonique was the first person i really listened to and it was great to see the girl do some awesome singing over some of her tracks...i had never actually seen her live so i was well impressed. At the same time the inside was kicking off big style as well - I am always impressed at how busy the inside of space gets sometimes - even early on in the day! At this stage our entourage was growing and growing - we had come over with 7 friends on the same flight and met 5 more close friends out there....obviously with the way things go this soon grew to about 20 people who were totally in our gang and it was absolutely awesome to be on the terrace with familiar faces literally each way I it got busier and busier I was fighting my way through the crowd to find that I knew every single person on the way to the awesome feeling to be sharing the vibe with so many of our mates!!!!!

As the morning turned into the afternoon the DJ Arena out the back opened up properly and by the time we all made our way out there the sun was blaring down in true ibizan style and the scene was reminisant of an extremely well organised festival. Truly i was WELL impressed :D with the set up out here.......The first thing you encountered was a load of bars underneath those white tents - looked pretty smart and kept the place tidy....then as you turned right so you are literally behind the inside room of Space you encounter the dj and the rig that was put up specially for the day.......beleive me it was impressive - possibly not in terms of how it looked from a distance as it was a simple affair of rigging with some major speakers hanging off it in thin air.....but more in terms of the general impression it left on your mind (and ears :eek: ). The stage where the dj was on was more like a sound stage for a rock concert - with a barrage of bright white flood lights going about 10m across and 8m high behind the the sun went down the visual effect was immense. Once you walked into the area underneath the rig you also appreciated just how good the system was that powered the music....loud is not the word for it - intense thunder would be more like it.....amazing as there were no walls to keep the sound in as well!! All that combined with thousands of people going for it made for a truly balaeric experience....add to that some of the best dancers from the island and you get the picture. 8)

Anyway - headed back inside to hear Jon Ulysses who was excellent as usual and began to really rock like big dogs. To be honest the next few hours are a bit of a total blur but I do know that was when we met up with Drew (Andy) :lol: and his mate Paul who were absolute legends.....introduced to my now idioticly sized entourage and all was good. Drew and i babbled about how strange it was to meet on a website and I agreed, especially as I thought that he was a 12 year old girl!!! :confused: never mind! Thought that I would try and strike lucky twice by attempting to meet James from Spotlight too - who had arranged to meet me at 7.00. this was done to much heckling by my friends who quickly decided to leave me alone when they saw me running up to strangers shouting "James, James" loudly and make it worse about 4 lads were actually called James which meant I had some swift explaining to pretty sure they too thought i was some kind of freakish peadophile!!!! ;) James where were you man!!........maybe my intake for the day was getting to my now addled mind, which was quickly resembling a seive!!

Anyway - back inside for a bit of Steve Lawler after we listened to some truly excellent Jon Digweed out the back (wow) and by this stage I was really beginning to think i was in a dream :confused: .....the terrace had so much energy it could have powered half of London on adrenaline was going off big style. Had random wander and discovered the really quite cool bit above the terrace (now how many of you knew about that!!??) which can be found if you go upstairs inside and keep walking straight over, as opposed to right onto the VIP bit....probably only open for the closing but it made a change and was nice to find in a club that you think you know well!

By this time it was about 11.00ish and my crowd seemed to be well into the terrace for the duration....Erick Morillo came on and we knew that it was the last we would here out here for the evening. Now don't get me wrong I know that Drew thought that he rocked but in my humble opinion there were many better dj's to be heard all day.....he was "ok" but a lot of us reckoned that none of it was inspired....which to be honest is what you want to be at the final space party of the year. Am sure that tecnically he was doing the business but for me its all about the tunes and the reaction was mixed to say the least. He played a bit extra until about 1.30 which was nice but really I was pretty danced out by then and was happy to chill out at the back.

To finish on the terrace Erick played a version of Lenny Kravitz " Are you Gonna Go my Way" which again was ok - pretty cool.......and this was just after Pepe had given his farewell speach (in English then Spanish) to the crowd - which had reached un-manageble proportions by now! Was great to actually listen to what he said and I think that it was a really lovely moment to treasure after such a great summer. :cry:

By now we were in full talking rubbish mode and after running into our mate Terra on at the back terrace (which was now nice and quiet) bar with his mate Jon Ulysses we were in full flow. Sam and Terra had one moment where she was just talking at him and in reply he was rapping words right back at her (and the mad thing is that I don't think he knew he was doing it...ha!!) Jon U then persuaded me and Sam to come inside and we had a gander at Digweed set 2 and then Carl Cox (which bought back some cool memories of Cream for me!)....funny thing was that his massive frame was stuck in one of those really tacky Space t-shirts....a funny site!!! he looked like some kind of geeky tourist (a 20 stone one!!).

We finished up by chilling out on the terrace again - polishing off the last few beers that the bar had to offer and then it was off to the plane for the flight home - for which we had left 40 minutes to catch! groan!

Dropped my bags off with two of the boys who dutifully decided to check them in on our behalf - with all our tickets etc in them already!!!!! :rolleyes: This led to a heated discussion with the check in clerk who was as understanding as airport staff usually are.....was made slightly worse by the fact that we then discovered that Sam had left her passport in the car and i had already dropped the keys off in the deposit box......nightmare of nightmares in the state that we were in!!!!!!!!!!! :confused: :confused: which led to a 4.45 break in to the car in the airport which consisted of the slick routine of shoving a trolley through the back window. Eventually boarded the plane with a minute to go with blood pooring from my neck which i had cut whilst putting my arm through the broken window pane :oops: .................................flight home was a bit of a blur naturally and slept all day Monday.

Extreme is not the word!! Clearly we had enjoyed ourselves!!
rock on's to next summer!

I should also mention that Drew is a top lad....v cool bloke and exactly like i imagined he would be from the site.

Pity that we didn't really meet his girlfriend as she wasn't there at Space. 8)
Sounds fab, was good to say hello to you in Base before we left.

And must agree that Andy is a top bloke and as for his mate Paul, he had me in absolute stitches with some of his antics :lol: ;)
S Express said:
which led to a 4.45 break in to the car in the airport which consisted of the slick routine of shoving a trolley through the back window. Eventually boarded the plane with a minute to go with blood pooring from my neck which i had cut whilst putting my arm through the broken window pane :oops:

Sheer, utter madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't wait to tell Paul that one :lol:

Yeah, I thought Morillo was great, especially with his "Little More Love" tricks. Can't really compare to the other DJ's cos i got there a little later than first planned :oops:

DC10 was great though, shame you couldn't make it - we'll have to do it all together next year.

We'll be keeping in touch and we'l all do a night together sometime :D
Deffo our kid....was good that you had the chance to meet so many of my lot! Literally was half the terrace at one stage!

have to tell you about the nightmare we had getting home in more detail though.....we were a TOTAL shambles. :confused: