Space Closing Lineup.....gosh!

well, that really cheered me up on a monday morning - knowing i'll not be there :cry: :cry: :cry:
less than two weeks time. I’m soooooooooooooo excited!
s'gonna be large.

will be arranging to take 2 days off work after i get back! Terrace lineup looks good though don't you reckon???!!
quite simply, oh my god mate! V tempted to fly out, Morillo, Guetta and 2sets from Coxy!!! f***!!! :):) :p
Wow! ..........and I'm gonna be there! Yes, yes, yes!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh dear, Babs will be furious 'cause she's gonna miss it :( . Methinks she's gonna need lots of tea (wine) and sympathy when she gets back. Don't think I'll have the heart to tell her when I'm there :cry: .
do i have a deja vù or is it the same lineup as last year ?
come on .. carl cox atracts many people , and digweed is
one of the best djs in the world , but , come on , there is
more world outside !
nish said:
Why in gods name is Babs going to miss it?!?!

From my thread on my itinary;

Sat 27th - Pacha Defmix or ...........Privilege or ........maybe rest for the big one..........
Sun 28th - Space closing

Barbie said:
But not there cos got to get smelly plane home

Barbie & Tom are flying home on Saturday 27th under protest I believe.
Going Crazy

This is going to be an AMAZING time. Only 1 more day til I am OMW.
Re: Danny T. will be there!

Markel said:
Danny T. is also gonna be there! ;)

This hasn’t been confirmed though has it? I know there was that article on the Space website but nothing’s for definite.