Space Calling!


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Carl Cox has made a special track to thank the infamous Space venue in Ibiza and its clubbers for having him back for a long summer of 8 exclusive weekly sessions at the club. Cox made a track called ‘Space Calling!’ which contains some funked up guitars with Latin rhythms and a driving bass line: a real funky slice of Balearic house that represents the sound of summer at Space!

“I loved making this record. There’s no better feeling than when everyone comes together on the dance floor with a smile on their face and knowing that I’m responsible for that”, said Carl. ‘Space Calling!’ along with ‘T-Bone On The Mix’ by Trevor Rockcliffe will be available on 23rd Century Records from September 8.
I have heard it and its not bad
I think i heard it from mixmags email of there top ten tunes
Not sure of a release it sounds like a MAW tune with a harder edge.