space beer


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young robo and i have just been chatting mod to mod and i posed a question which he, being of tender years, couldn't answer.

so can any more mature party people out there tell me

what's the ale like in space, is it a good pint?

i could murder a pint of boddingtons now, i haven't had one for years.
I think you can get cheap p*ssy lager type drinks but i don't think the pumps have worked since Alex P wired his amp into the C02.

Try Murphy's over the road for a surprisingly good pint of the black stuff :(
They don't do pints (large beers) in Space do they, like rusty said, I'd try Murphys or take a journey to Big Bens next to Burger King in Bossa as I think they do Boddingtons. :confused: