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February and still winther...only thing that´s been keeping me warm inside is the flowers my b-friend got me for Valentine´s....oh well...

Ibiza´s coming up. Could any one please tell me of some nice places where they give massages or pedicures or something like that? Havent been able to retrieve info via the net, and was thinking about asking the other Ibizagirlies if they had ever had such a treat whilst in Eivissa ever??

Please tell me where, when, how much it costs, and further info!

Can't help you sweetie I'm afraid, the only massages I get in Ibiza are from b/friend............tho I will lend him to you for night if you want lol!!!!
the hotel palladium in santa eulalia has a complete range of these type of treatments. you can book yourself in for a day like my wife does.
Hi Stephen,

Have you got an adress for that resort or maybe an internetpage I can check out with a pricelist of the various treatments?

yes it has a web page. i'll find it for you later.

btw i had a lovely pedicure yesterday. a nice belgium girl came to my house and gave me the treatment for an hour - €35
Barbie you maek me laugh so bad!

Poor stephen, his feet are probably soar from running around gathering info just so that we can sit still, get the knowledge we mant and then join Ibiza in tthe summer :p

So, Stephen - tell me, do you actually live in Ibiza and what do you do thruoghout the summer when the Island is invaded by the likes of Barbie and myself? :p
yes that's true. many beaches have masseurs, reflexologists, reiki etc etc etc. however i am loathe to have my body tampered with on a hot sweaty beach by a person who may or may not be qualified to do the job.
but each to their own........

sounds fair and square, I´ll go with Stephen, i prefer knowing who it is that´s treating you...So I´m def. into that Palladiumplace, prices weren´t that bad either when I here I come! thanks for helping me out everyone! :p