Can you buy many souvenirs from the clubs? like t-shirts or hoodies? they might go down well in the bog here in Kildare!!!!
There are loads of shops selling souvenirs like clothes and keyrings and beach towels etc. Pacha has its own shop and most of the big clubs have shops situated in or around the venue.

There are also loads of shops selling club merchandise all over the island – its hard to get away from in the popular tourist resorts.

A space fan brought from the shop in space is my favourite souvenir. The best way to keep cool on the terrace. :D
I got handed a special Pacha fan in Subliminal sessions, Pacha last summer by the bald lady by dancing for her! :D
I ended up walking around fanning everyone, including Erick Morillo as he djed! (Although I think he may have found it a tad off-putting)
hihi well I was so drunk i "accidentally" manage to take it off and flash my b**bs hihi - couldnt remember a darn thing the day after untill i saw the pics...oh dear!