Soulfuric in the House

We're really going to have to get our butts down to London town aren't we?

Missing out up here now ... loads of housey/soulful nights are closing down in Nottingham ...
x-amount said:
This one definately deserves a bump.

Babs, can you imagine how good the Box will be with these guys pumping out the soulfuric Stuff.




(BTW Barbie, you missed out on a cracking weeked. Miss Moneypennys at London Zoo was amazing)

Mate I would love to be at Ministry this wkend but my battered old bint body is saying a big fat NO :cry:

Moneypenny's was good then, I went to the first one and thought it was pretty good, but not great organisation wise (queues etc), have they sorted all stuff like that out now cos I'd like to pay another one a visit :D