sorry its my turn now ! - Ibiza Playa


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has anyone stayed or know anything about Ibiza Playa in figuratas (i know i cant spell it properly)

am staying there with the bloke for 10 days

and hints tips gossip most welcome

will be there from 23rd August till 1st September

Robo said:
god!!! how dare yoy ask that! your a guru.

guru's don't ask questions

:lol: :lol: :lol:

only joking

i;m only a guru cause i chat ALLOT hehehehehheh

but never stayed in figuratas so shut it and tell me what ya know :D 8)
thank you paul! hehehe cheeky one

no i have looked on there, i work in the venue business and i know that a picture is never the real deal ;)

was just checking around to see if anyone hand some reall experiences there.

cheers anyways :D