Soon,Four days at Ibiza


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I will arrive in Tivoli Hotel at Playa den Bossa Wednesday 17th to Sathurday 20th.
We are two french guys 24 years old.

We have listen manumission night is too hot, that's correct ?

If you can tell me the night has not missed.

Thank you
Manumissions is weired. It's half Cabaret, half club night. It certainly has to be experienced.

Personally, I didn't really like it. Top marks for effort though, I wish other club nights put as much thought in to their nights.
not sure, but doesn't manumission close a bit early this year? i think the last one is on friday sep 12!?

dommage, non?
Je suis desole, Manumission le parti final est Vendredi 12 Septembre :cry: Wonderland avec Pete Tong est Vendredi 19 en Eden - San Antonio? 8)
Maybe she wants to practice! His english is better than my french,dunno about you,
sometimes just nice to mix it up a bit,it is quite international on here,non?
His English is faaaar better than my French but as I was only giving a quick simple answer it's nice to make an effort with our non-English friends on here :)