Song ID: 'this is a special song i wrote'? heard on Dance FM



Heard every day on Dance FM 91.7: a song with lyrics that go something like this, with a black Aretha Franklin style voice:

"This is a special song I sat down and wrote
I hope you'll like it
So it's necessary to sing it here
We're all here together
I appreciate the way you've been acting
Give yourselves a big round of applause"

Not necessarily in that order... It's a very short tune, about 3 mins max, and in the middle there's a short accoustic guitar or what could be a banjo solo...

The chorus sounds like "I love love" - but can't find anything on Google.

Any help?
I like the original mix too I'm always singing that tune for some reason
I like love doo doo doo dooo i like love yeeeaahhh

Thanks Viktor and others.
Managed to find out that it's from Oxyd records in Italy.
Also just managed to locate a single version of it on Kazaa - after trying to buy it legally somewhere!
How come this song is not a big hit yet all over Europe?