something to do on monday and thursday???



OK so we're in Ibiza for a week from 31st August. Does anyone know if there is any good trance/hard house events on monday and thursday? I've done Cream and Manumission already so anyone know of anything different on these days?

Or another option, does anyone know of any nice romantic restaurants out of San An. that are any good?
Hi Tara !
I´ll hit Ibiza for the first time, but I´ve been collecting tips for a while !
About the clubs I couldn´t give you any advice you didn´t know already. About the restaurants, I suggest you go to Ibiza Town. Apart from the places by the harbour, you can cross the walls of the Old Town and go upwards towards the castle, at D´Alt Villa. My friends said there are some really nice places to eat there. They´re not very expensive and you can have a superb view above all Ibiza illuminated...