Somerset house summer gigs

saw underworld at somerset house on one boiling evening in 2003

AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING night - as twilight falls the courtyard is all lit up - rez bouncing off the walls of the courtauld institute, which if memory serves is right next door

Scared s***less, of course! :lol:

(I thought I must have misinterpreted it... until Irina and her friend came over from across the room and said they'd noticed too :eek:)

she was clearly hoping to ask you to pull up to the bumper baby - in your long black limousine..... (what car did you buy in the end John??):lol::lol::lol::lol:
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It is a really nice venue... been to a couple of events there.

I'm sure I've told the story before, but she was giving me eyes when I saw her live :eek:

Well I've told this story before too but I lept on stage and danced with her at the Roundhouse. :p

(surprised I'm alive to tell that tale tbh)