someone must have stayed in the galera!!!



please tell me someone out there has stayed in the hotel galera!!!

so far it doesnt look like it!im worried its gonna be a riot cos it was pretty cheap!

we stayed in the levante last year and ended up with our own personal perv(the night shift guy)

yuk yuk yuk,dont want that again!!!

all replies much appreciated!

see if i can help..

i have stayed in the galera twice once in 97 and then again in 2001.

it's okay you will have stories to tell trust me i did it's one of those types of places.

i take it you are going with 18 2 30's then ....enjoy.
I was lookin at that place a couple of years ago- seemed to be right at the f***ing top of san an, I really am a lazy bastard so I got a hotel closer to kfc!!