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Is there actually a flyer-thread?


More of these ...
95 and 96, Manumission was the Studio 54 of the 90s! It will never be beaten for how debauched it was.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
You know, reading this forum, and seeing things like this I can't help but wonder if Ibiza is no longer such a fantastic place to visit. Or at least as good as the legend. Everyones stating that it hasn't been as good in recent years, or I read that a club has went down hill. I'm still going to go at least once but somehow I wish I was born twenty years earlier when everyone mentions the good old days I could have been there. But that is a great flier even if it's old.
Chad, don't worry about that. If you've never been you will still have the time of your life when you get there! It's a bit like being gutted you didn't visit London in the 'Swinging 60's.' You'd still visit now wouldn't you?
not for a couple weeks planning on getting drunk everynite. London still has big ben and all of that stuff I'd like to see one day. :D But I get your point. Who knows, not going till 2011 so maybe the economy will switch around and things will start the upward trend again. Either way I plan on heading their, spending way to much money and living it up for a couple of weeks. (NE one with advice on the perfect time for a party searaching noob to hit up Ibiza, or heading their yourself in 2011 feel free to send me a PM saying hi or with advice.)
Dont think of it as what it was, think of it as what it is (How philosophical does that sound!)

As much as I would have loved to have been around even 10 years ago, I still love the place now
I will be returning at some point in June. My expectations of quality music and quality drugs are pretty low but fortunately fine food, golden beaches and chicks in micro bikinis should make up for it.
Ha, quality drugs or not I must decline on that part of Ibiza. Not that I'm 'square', I just make to much money to risk drug test/lie detector, getting me fired. (Yes I can actually get lie detectored by the company I work with, funny right?) But I've seen the 2009 video's on YouTube and they places, all of them look ten times better than anything I've seen in the states, and anything I saw while in germany. So I'm not saying I won't have a ball, just hope things turn back around or Ibiza and the rest of the world soon. I'm tired o the doom and gloom of TV and News.