Some help with clubbing nites please???????




One of my mates wants us to go to Es Pardis but the only nites we are able to go on are "Can Can Party" and "Deja Vu" are these nites any good?
The can can party is getting good feedback, real party with dancers, a show type thing and everything ;)
DejaVu, seems a better bet than retro at eden if you like it old skool.

Have fun
here is a review from the spotlight party reviewer. Louise.

i would love to have her job ;)

Déjà Vu Sundays @ Es Paradis

The glow-stick, whistle blowing posse is back for yet another year to revive that old skool vibe and if you lads can’t remember jumping around with no t-shirt on back in the days, get down to Es Paradis on a Sunday to relive the moment.

The 2002 success story for Es Paradis, Déjà vu, opened its doors last weekend with a series of parties held by Helter Skelter. As one of Es Paradis' first full capacity crowds this season made up of workers and holiday makers givin’ it sum “big fish, little fish, cardboard box” its no surprise that the happy hardcore days are here to stay in San An for a while longer.

With DJs Ratpack, Dougal, Ellis Dee etc. fronting this voyage of time, a good night is definitely on the cards, even if it just be for the pure cheese and giggle of it all (still got my glow-stick going strong in the fridge!). Once again an excellent opener for the Déjà vu crew and can’t wait to see the line up each week until September. Keep your eyes peeled…