Solomun +1 2019


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Talkin about Destino closing Solomun 19
Its weird we havent met as i ve been there with 2 pack of 3 people (3 uk blokes +2Uk blokes 1 Netherland girl,making a ride Pdb Destino then Talamanca Destino)
I ve met 2 spotlight with their wifes ,having time to have little chat.
Were u 100% in control of ur body as its quiet easy to spot a ☠ b4 sunset in Destino?
At night its hard to spot people as place is getting rammy



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We had a great time ,I was just giving this girl my number I must have hit video record..?

Reminds me of this :

Highlights include :

In my day you had to move your knickers to find your vagina…. Now days you need to move your flaps to find your knickers,” another commented.

“For us more curvaceous gals that’s gonna be a room divider between the beef curtains,” one person joked.

“Cold wash only, Do not tumble dry, Do not bleach, Please surgically remove flaps prior to use,” another added.


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Dancer outfit at destino at a normal event ?
Looks more like a xxx film promo or someting ...
The dancers I knew would not do this , but its a couple of years ago. Maybe the peiple are different now ...