Solo Traveller Ibiza 3rd August

Discussion in 'Meet me in Ibiza' started by Angi26, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Angi26

    Angi26 New Member

    Hi! I’ll be flying solo to Ibiza on 3rd August for 4 nights. Staying in Amistat hostel in San Anthony. Message me if you’re out at the same time same place & looking for some company :)
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  2. FallenangelGparsons

    FallenangelGparsons Well-Known Member

    Angela u may have the honor to meet the pirate (& his crew) with an former ibz virgin @nicco met may 24th on this video :D 00'53sec..PM sent

    im taking advantage of ur post to tell to spotlight that when u text people male/female(for girls, it can be understable if overflood by mess) u expect an answer even people may not be in, the minimum of courtesy
    Maybe those people (can give name dropping? :spank: )cancel their ibz?i'm not good enough? :Dwith such unreliable people, good luck for the meetup :p ..Experience learn here since 2012
    Ibz is always a good idea,Angie , make the right choice :cool:
    @Nobbie Q Feuckin lazy cow, i can't stand by you to gather people such as @Rxstream that helped for it Opening 18 to have bigger pack
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  3. Chad Stubenbort

    Chad Stubenbort New Member

    Hey Angi, I’ll be there the 2nd through the 4th staying in Ibiza Town. Probably boat party or going to a beach during the day on the third if you’d want to meet up let me know.

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