Solo traveling to Ibiza last minute!! Getting there July 4 leaving the 9th!!


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Hey ya'll,
My name's Alexis, and I'm originally from Austin, Texas USA, but I've been traveling the world for a couple months now. I'm making a last minute stop in Ibiza in two weeks, getting their July 4 leaving the 9th. I usually love planning my travel/things to do but I'm stressed because I have so many things to do prior to this trip, and there's so many clubs/boat parties/things to do in Ibiza that I'm lost on what's the ultimate things to do for a weekend in Ibiza. So if someone could help I'd be grateful! Also, I'm use to solo traveling, but the fun in it is to meet new people, so if anyone wants to join up/hang out for the weekend and live it up let me know!


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Hey fellow Texan! My girlfriend and I live in Dallas and we will be in Ibiza July 5th til the 13th. We also have a friend from Houston meeting us for a few days who has been traveling all over Europe by herself for the past two months! Let me know and maybe we can meet up


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Hello I arrive on 8th from SE london, been to Ibiza many times can meet on 8th if you are around, I am solo as my frind couldnt make it. I will probably go to sunset bars eg Mambo if you want to come?


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Hey, I’m 24 years old, from Germany and staying from 3rd to 10th of July on the island alone too. Here is my clubbing list, maybe we will see us there or meet us for coffee... kind regards :)

Thursday: Amnesia
Friday: Pacha
Saturday: Hi
Sunday: Cova Santa and Heart
Monday: DC10