Solo travel end of July


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Due to short notice and friends not up for it, I am looking to book 3/4 nights in Ibiza, Friday the 23rd of June. Will any of you lot be there around that time?

Quite looking forward to experiencing my first solo break. Hoping to stay in Ibiza town/San an or potentially Bossa.

Let me know your plans, peace and blessings.

btw I am 25 and from the UK.


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There are a lot of people you can meet there. I love to travel to other countries myself. Once I managed to get away for a week to Germany. Because I don't have any friends there, I spent about 4 hours looking for a rave party. When I got to that party, I did whatever I wanted, and I wasn't ashamed of it. When I was in Japan, I decided I wasn't going to waste my time having fun; I would enjoy the beauty of that country. I met the guys and together we chose a bicycle tour here To be honest it was unforgettable.
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I went to Ibiza a couple of years ago, really liked it, but you have to go with your own company because the guys there are clingy, it would be scary for me alone. This year I traveled and vacationed in Europe. It was not my usual vacation to look and look for the fig and beautiful places in Europe. And this year was on vacation in Allgäu und in Bayern, Germany, and when I saw this, there were a lot of impressions. I was interested in something last time, not in clubs and parties, but more attracted and pulled to landscapes and many different natural beauties. All have a great holiday wish and be careful.