solo card



anyone know if u can use solo card in ibiza? im sure its ok but wanted to check :)
I think you can use it to withdraw cash if it has the mondex logo on the back, but you won't be able to buy stuff in the shops with it.
pinklaydee said:
thats what i thougt, thanx. u going out this year?

Yep, just booked it at the weekend. Going 24th August-7th September and staying in the Jet, playa den bossa.

Can't wait!

getting cash not a problem as for buying goods think it depends on the outlet.
Few places in Britain take Solo so I doubt you'd be able to use it in Ibiza.
exactly...i was gna swap it for switch, but ya know how it creeps up so quickly! not enough time now. as long a i can get cash ill be fine :)thanks for all ya help peeps.