Solimar Apartments/Studios San Antonio




Am asking for advice or comments regarding Solimar apartments in San An. I know we don't have a pool, and they are right near the egg. We booked them cheap off the internet and there are no photos or anything of the inside. If anyone has stayed there please please please tell me what they're like caus am a bit nervous.

PS try to make comments as "unworrying" as poss.

well the place has NO fascilities, but is clean and neat, good bathrooms with tubs and the maid changed the sheets and cleanes the place everyday so it´s ok nice. you get a great view over the bay and can see some sunset there too. the pool next door is available if you like, we never got to use it cuz we forgot! bring a fan, the rooms are not so large and get really hot easily!

youll be fine! no luxury treat, but good enuff!
Thanks babe, they sound ok, i can stop worrying my little bimbo head :p
Ps, yes we are going between 5th and 12th, we are in fact going on the 8th.

Seeya on da beach :lol:
yeah no worries there, i promise! the hotel was nice in 2001, sure is will still be just dont as i mentioned - expect any luxury!
I got an offer for this place for 25 euros a night. was thinkin id do this but if the place I was in last year has availability we're goin there. Would u mind if I checked ur apartment out for future ref? We get there mon (hopefully- STILL havent booked flight!)
cheap though! I´d gladly do it again as i dont wanna pay for accomodation, but would love to live next to Eden and Es Paradis!