Sol Y Mar Studios???!?!


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Found a pretty decent deal on this for mon (25euros a night)

-Problem is I can find ANY information on it! Anyone been there or know of it? Wots it like?

If not anyone know of any other decent deals?


N :p
Scottish-Helen said:
I think they are right next to the egg

that place is called solimar!! ;)

nish - are you looking for solimar (san antonio) or sol y mar (cala llonga)? :rolleyes:

Nice! Someones offering me this for 25 euros a night! Hope its half decent!

Anyone know if they have their own bathrooms in each room?

No-one else stayed here then?

Sorry bout delayed response- never got a reply notification email (again).


Nish, If they are the ones in that piccy, I put same question on General Q's. Ibiza Girlie told me they were basic but clean and neat and maid comes in everyday. They have own bathroom with Tub. There is no reception or pool but apparently you can use next doors.

I was also told that the room are quite small, but cosy and they can get quite hot.

What else? Oh yeah, they have a great view of the bay and you can see some sunset.

Have fun. When are you going, I am going 8th - 17th August, I will let you know what there like when i return.

Have Fun!
Ha ha - i know who you are - blue voice.

Just got back from the above studios. What can I say..

Maid comes in and empties bins everyday and changed towels, we didn't have clean sheets though all week and it was REALLY HOT. Well equipped apartments with kettle toaster, pots and pans big enough to throw up in - word of advice if you are in apratment 105 - don't use the big saucepan. They have own bathroom with shower and mirror etc. and a big wardrobe.

They are a bit old which means old decor and cracks in the tiles etc. but if you wear socks, flipflops you should be ok.

I mentioned above that it was Hot, we couldn't have the window open because we were on the first floor and the traffic noise is CONSTANT - all day and all night but you get used to it and after about 4 days you can finally sleep - except for the stupid san an train that plays La Cucaracha from 8am. They are 4 floors and our friends on the 4th floor said that it was less noisy.

But if you want to be able to roll out of eden or es paradis into your bed, they couldn't be more ideally situated and taxis are easy caus you just say "to the egg please". there are plenty of buses, shops, cafes around, you can see the sunset and the clinic is right downstairs - just in case.

You have to check in at a different hotel as there is no recpetion but it just round the corner. When you leave you can leave bags there to until you want to go to the airport. You get the safety deposit box keys here too which are free and located in the wardrobe in the room. We also had to get loo rolls from there as the maid decided not to give us any - although her cupboard was outside our door - so we pilfered.

Summary - Basic apartments - do not expect luxury and you won't get it. Ideally situated apart from traffic noise but is cheap and easy to find.

Have Fun x
These actually booked out and we got place in the Royal by the ship inn. It was basic, clean and had some really good air con. Also the workers bar was downstairs so it was always goin. The receptionist was a complete fox. The only downside was the air conditionin broke (though it was fixed in a day) and there wasnt a lift!