So what tune did it for you this summer?



I first heard 'Narcotic Thrust - Safe From Harm' and 'Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story' at Pacha (Perfecto) and for me, these two tunes sum up my summer in Ibiza.

... into the night ... and - keep - me - safe - from - harrrrmmmmmm ... TUNE!
Phil Fuldner - Miami Pop
Shakedown - At Night
DD Klein - Alive
Narcotic Thrust - Save From Harm
Has to be:

Jurgen Vries, The Theme

Mauro Picotto, Back to Cali

There's been sooo many but,

Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story
Tim Deluxe - It just won't do
Narcotic Thrust - Safe from harm
Shakedown - At night
Cosmos - Take me with you
X-Press 2 - Lazy
M Factor - Mother
Many many tunes...

Warrior - Drama
Jurgen Vries - The Theme

Cosmos - Take Me With You
Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls
Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do
Planet Funk Vs Layo & Bushwacka - Sun Story

Ahhhhhh the memories...
Ok, it is not new but I love Tiesto's "Touch Me" with Rui Da Silva......her voice totally compliments the song!!! WOW

:confused: i wuz in the Philippines this summer and happy by s sense is hot there...

:twisted: [/quote] im onna get yer luv gonna get yer luv...
im gonna get yer kiss gonna make you mine...
Josh One - Contemplation
Narcotic Thrust- Safe from harm
Tim Deluxe- Just wont do
Who DA Funk- Shiny Disco balls
Inner City- Big Fun(This is an old song, but when Jason Bye dropped this on the terrace at space the place went wild!!!!!!!!)
Without doubt the best song in Ibiza this summer was

DJ Falcon + Bangalter:- So Much Love To Give

Send tingles down my spine just thinking of it
I agree, I heard it on the terrace and inside at Space.

Tingles doesn't even describe . . . .
all of the tunes mentioned above, plus:

dj sandy vs housetrap - overdrive
aly us - follow me

heard both of them at bora bora.

i'm trying to id this tune. it has a deep sexy female vocal that mumbles 'it won't do for love' or something like that.

it's dark and a tad progressive.

i heard it everywhere...surely one of you must know what it is.

thank you helenw.

it's josh one vs king britt - contemplation
Anyone who was on the terrace at Space on sunday 21st of July may have heard Erick Morillo play an amazing tune which I have just this week found out is by Dan F,and is called something like "Hakisak".(I'm not entirely sure of the title I heard Graham Gold play it on the radio this week and I think thats' what he said it was called).This is my tune of the summer,does anyone else agree?
heard song but dunne what it is

heard at bora bora song goes like

just open your mind lalala open your soul? something like that anybody knows the title of it?
Gotta be Shiny Disco Balls for Tinkerbell!! I sang all the way home on the plane, went out and bought Subliminal 3, and to my delight my 3yr old son sings it too...IN TUNE!

Cosmos-Take me with you..everytime we got into the car, it was on the local station over there..I started to believe it was their theme tune!

Thick Dick-Insatiable..good memories of Pacha!

Jurgen Vries-The Theme..I arnt a big fan of trancey stuff but, it was on at the Radio 1 weekender, and just seemed the right tune at the right time!

I did'nt think there would be that many great summer tunes this year, but i've been surprised!!
Octave one - Blackwater

The above tune is the one i think you are thinking of. It goes...

Just open your heart, and open your mind.
And let yout love flow like the sunshine.
The rivers run deep, the valley walls high.
Like black water woh-ho-oh

Absolute wicked tune. I remember it at bora bora too. Two fridays ago, amongst other days.

The mix played that day was the "vocal mix"