So Saffy - any more questions ?

Sod off you! lol ( Wee bugger .. wait till I see you next! )

Yep .. I have lots of questions ... the usual stuff .. but asked in a different way ;) *chuckle*

Actually .. yes ... I wanna know ... is there a water taxi that takes you to Benirras beach ? And one that returns after sunset time?
I had farkin once ... stuck to my teeth ... Oh no, that was PARKIN! Sorry!

Hehe .. I did ... and came up with ...........

nowt ...

which is why I asked the gorgeous Drew ...
Love to help, but San An aint my speciality.


I'm sure someone on here can answer you - Stephen?
I guess we SHOULD have chosen Ibiza town area but as we hadnt saved and it was a spur of the moment thing, we took what we could get. To be honest ... am quite happy really with San An ... specially where we are !

If we go again .. and this is MrM's worry .. that we will want to go again ... ( chuckles from me here as i KNOW he will want to go again ) .. then will head towards that area . . . specially as we will have our girls with us .... cos if we go again it will be for the closing parties!
Sometimes wish I'd never been to Ibiza cos I'm utterly utterly addicted.

Dont worry Saffy, its not far from San An to Ibiza town.

You should try to get there at least 2/3 times during your week.