So how was the London meet?


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You all feeling fragile today? :lol:

I am too! :lol:

John Digweed may well be my new favourite DJ after last night...all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hey guys,

What's with the lack of info?

I was hpoing for some cracking reviews of a great night with more of the same to come...

Or r u all still in recovery mode??
Well, more to come is unlikely I think.

We all had a good night, but a dampener was put on by the turnout.

In fact, only myself, Rustywoo and 879dancin turned up. Fortunately, I brought my brother and 879 brought 2 friends, so there were 6 of us, but only 3 from the site, 2 of which organised it!!!

I have to take my hat of to 879 though, as he was the last one I expected to show, being he'd only just moved to London a week before.

Nevertheless, we all went out and had a realy good night at Fabric, which was a bloody good night, I have to say.

So, as you see, not much to write home about, but it kind of sums up London for me!

Thanks for the interest.

my 2cents worth:
was nice to see james again and to meet 879dancin. had alot of fun and cannot recommend fabric highly enough. really good music, brillaintly run club, not too pricey and a really mixed, up fer it crowd. will be going there again for sure.
ive managed to not meet loads of folks from off this board. biff, james, technoboy etc. plus i didnt make a bora bora meet up back in june.
Well I was there that night, Fabric was excellent as usual. Didnt get to meet you's mainly because I didnt find out where and what time you were meeting, and because we didnt get there till very late anyway, sorry guys, nice to hear you had fun anyway