Sneaky Me!!!!


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Well spotlighters tonight I'm going to see Sasha and Steve Porter, which should be a lot of fun...and what is even more fun is that I'm playing hooky from work tomorrow even though I know that we're doing a run through of a very important meeting we have planned for Friday.

I love my life :D :D :D :D
that sounds like fun!!

i am also putting forward a motion that our company meeting is moved from monday evenings to tuesday evenings this summer ;-)

how was sasha on that evening? - last time i heard him was on terrace when was brilliant, but before that i thought he sounded a bit jaded...
funny that stephen, allot of people on here don't love manumission
i went 2 years ago and don't think i'll go back, just think there's better things to spend your money on
but u love it then! :D
Sorry for the delayed review, here goes.

Steve Porter was awesome, totally in his element and only wished he would have played longer.

Sasha was good, he did an awesome mix of the P. Diddy song, that seemed to last forever. He kind of went all over the place at the beginning but once he settled down he played some good tracks.