Smokin' Jo Dates for Ibiza


From Smokin' Jo's Trust the DJ website:

Manumission -

June 23/30
July 7/14/21/28
August 4/11/18/25
September 1/8/15/22

Pure Pacha -

August 29

Ministry of Sound @ Pacha -

September 11
think you are being a little harsh, she is not that bad, she may be stuck right up her own arse but i saw here last year at we love sundays and she was quite good. if she got rid of her chip that sits on her shoulder then maybe she would be more appealing!!
Oh well- Sounds like I'll be seeing her on my Bday (at least I'll be coming from Release yourself, so I'll have my fair share of fun)

What music does she play?
i would call her style "wannabe-Eddie Amador-style" - but more tribal and monotonous than master Eddie.